What is the Wine Shiner Story?

Where is the Wine Shiner, already!?

The story behind the Wine Shiner

Easy to use Homebrew wine and beer filter

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Some Background Stuff...

Interest in the home brewing scene has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years. There are many people just like yourself making great wine and beer right in the comfort of their homes. This can be done with a prefabricated wine kit, or with your own home recipe using juice or raw fruit. There is nothing like the feeling of making your own wine, and enjoying it with family and friends. This is especially true when your wine bottles make their way back to you, empty, and the expectant face of your loved one says it all. "May I have another?"

This hobby is one of those that teaches the student patience in the process.  Time is your friend when it comes to wine making. Early on, I was an impatient learner, and many times rushed the wine clearing, only to find after bottling, that sediment had formed, again. Though it did not change the taste of the wine, it made the wine look unpalatable.  Who wants to grab a bottle of wine and disturb a layer of fine sediment that has fallen out of solution?  Of course, sediment can form in some wines no matter how long you wait, but does not necessarily ruin the taste or mouthfeel.

Why filter your wine or beer?

Most major branded Vintners today filter wine to remove any fine sediment that consists of dead yeast cells, fruit particles, fining agents, oaken shavings or wood chips. This gives the wine a polished look adding to the luster and makes it look inviting.  When the wine is ready for bottling, all these things have done their job to contribute to the taste, aroma and feel of the wine in your mouth. There are a few things that can do this job; Time and Gravity, or Filtering. If you wait long enough, the wine should clear on its own, and the particles will settle at the bottom. Then you can siphon the wine off the lees, as it is said. Sometimes during the siphoning stage, you can accidentally pick up some of those particles and they can make their way into your newly bottled wine. No one wants that, especially if you plan on giving away your wine as a gift.

Introducing the Wine Shiner

I designed the Wine Shiner to be a low cost solution to this problem. The kit will be inexpensive compared to the commercial market of wine filters that can quickly climb to the tune of several hundred dollars. The Wine Shiner filter elements are long lasting, yet easily changed. Most gravity fed wine and beer filters on the market have single use filters inside that are limited to a few gallons of filtration each, and cost several dollars each. The Wine Shiner element can filter about 25-30 gallons of wine before we recommend replacement. This means that the home vintner can filter 5 to 6 whole batches of wine for about five dollars. That is between 125 to 150 bottles of wine before the element needs replacement. Also, with proper cleanliness and backflushing of the filter element, this number can be increased by 25-30%.  Adding to this convenience, the Wine Shiner Body is designed to easily fit any wide-mouthed Mason style canning jar. Each kit will come with one.

The Plan

I have completed the design phase. I have produced a working prototype on my 3D printer. I have tested it, tweaked it, produced several prototypes and now it performs flawlessly. All I need is your help to bring this great little gem to the public. As funds are available in the increments indicated below, I will begin immediate implementation of each phase of my action plan.





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